Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Intelligent Dust Collector Integrated Vacuuming Mopping 2700Pa Powerful Suction LDS Laser…

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Smart Dust Collection

After cleaning, it will automatically empty the dust bin and pack the dust when it is full.

It also has an original ozone antibacterial and deodorizing technology, while avoiding dirty hands and odor.

LDS Laser Navigation

The 4th generation ultra-sensitive LDS lidar can quickly scan the entire house and automatically draw a map through the SLAM algorithm, and its accuracy is 40% higher than the previous generation.

Smart Map Partition

Through automatic recognition of artificial intelligence, map partitions can be automatically saved, and they can also be merged, set styles, and named partitions to perform cleaning in accordance with a preset order or scheduled cleaning of designated rooms.

Automatic Charging

You don’t need to worry about the entire cleaning process.

A low battery will automatically return to the cleaning station for charging.

After being fully charged, cleaning will continue immediately to avoid the loss or repeated cleaning.

2cm Climbing

No need to worry about the threshold at home, accurately identify common obstacles and take the initiative to avoid trouble.

Strong Suction

The high-performance digital brushless motor and lane separation technology derived from ROIDMI EVE Plus bring a strong suction of 2700Pa, which can easily clean the dust, peel, and hair on the ground.

APP Control

When you are not at home, you can easily clean it, just open the ROIDMI APP, and you can remotely control it with the one-key launch.

Switching modes, real-time checking and searching status, complete control anytime, anywhere.



Brand: ROIDMI 
Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Model: Eve Plus
Color: White

Specification Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Rated Voltage: Main Unit: 14.4V, Automatic Suction Station: 24V 1.5A
Rated Power: Main Unit: 50W, Automatic Suction Station: 850W
Rated Input: 220V 50-60Hz
Climbing Ability: 20mm
Suction: 2700Pa
Dust Bag: 3L(Replaceable dust bag)
Water Tank: 250ml
Water Control: Smart electronic with 3 level constant pressure water control
Weight & Size Product Weight: Main Unit 3.6kg, Automatic Suction Station 2.7kg
Package Weight: 12.8kg
Product Size(L x W x H): Main Unit 350*350*98mm, Automatic Suction Station 358*350*175mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 362*415*489mm
Package Contents

1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Automatic Suction Station
1 x Water Tank
2 x Side Brush 
10 x Single-use mop  
1 x Mop
3 x Dust Bag


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